Ride Guidelines:  These are the traditional rules that the rides abide by.  See new and important items in red.

1) Start time 5:45 unless you e-mail us and request us to wait (we will). If it rains and we cancel we automatically reschedule for Wednesday.  Cancellation notification via e-mail on Tuesday afternoons. Route map available on web site some time on Monday or by Tuesday morning.  All communication is via the web site and the club  mailing list.  The fast group averages 20-22 mph for 30-50 miles. The HAlfast group averages 18-20mph.   The slower group averages 14-16mph for 20-40 miles.

2) Mountain bikes usually the first few weeks of the season.  First ride is traditionally the first Tuesday after Daylight Savings Time. 

3) Time trail about once a month.  About every 5 weeks

4) The first 20 minutes or so is a warm-up. Please don't start hammering right out of the parking lot.  20 minutes gives about a 5 mile warm-up.

5) Single file areas:  Due to increased traffic in the area please observe the single file rule on the following roads

   a) All of Hwy96

   b) Hwy 7  to the top of the climb on the big "S" curve

6) We'll may wait for flat tires on the first half of the ride. By the second half anything goes. So make sure you can fix your own flats.

7) We send the Fast pack out first and then the Halfast pack a few minutes later.  This is to reduce pack size for safety and for less traffic hindrances.  No chase groups implied

8) The slower group is basically a no-one gets dropped ride unless they agree otherwise during the ride.  Assess you abilities accordingly and be self sufficient.

9) You must wear a helmet to participate in these rides.  If not for your own protection, at least for the rest of us so we won't have to look at your cracked skull when we have to come to your aid in the case of a crash.  Think of your fellow cyclists.  Don't make them deal with your head injury.

10) The fast group has become faster and faster over the years.  So much so that there seems to be another group emerging.  Those people that can hang on for a 1/2 to 3/4 of the ride or until the big hills come.  If this description fits you; instead of pushing along by yourself trying to catch the front group, that's being driven by a bigger engine than you have (you'll never catch them by yourself) , why not wait and form a new group with any other people who have fallen off before you.   Usually when someone get dropped it's because they are already at their max and they most likely will not be able to catch back up, especially in the second half where we tend not to wait.  If there's still a lot of miles left, wait and form a chase group with the others who've been dropped.  You might even catch back on, but at least you'll have a more enjoyable ride.

11) To participate in the Time Trials you must join the club for $5 and then the TT's are free.  You must register for each TT each month.

12) Time Trials Logistics: Start time is 6:30.    Start interval is 2 people every 30 seconds.  The course is 13.3 miles and we go clockwise around the loop starting from the Withrow School.  Finish will be in front of the school on Hwy 7.  Park in the Withrow School parking lot.  There will be a random drawing for prizes for all participants at each event.  The prizes are courtesy of Now Bikes and Fitness.  Results will be available in an Excel spreadsheet on the website by the day after the event.  The spreadsheet will contain all historical data as well.  Please be in the Withrow School parking lot a 5:45 pm to receive your start number.  Then do you warm-up and be at the start at 6:30 plus your offset ready to ride.   See link on main page for Time Trial dates.